I am a General Practitioner who works for the HSE Addiction services and as a GP in practice in Castlenock, Co. Dublin. I have personally experienced the great benefits of Craniosacral Therapy and I have had patients and colleagues who have also benefited greatly from this therapeutic modality. I feel it has a particular benefit for many mental health conditions, especially stress and anxiety. It is a valuable therapeutic resource with huge potential to improve people's lives and I have and will continue to refer patients for this mode of therapy.

Dr. Robert McGarrigle IMCN 403507

In the past few years, I have referred patients as well as colleagues of mine to Brian Peoples for treatment. All would have found great relief in their pain experiences correlated with reduction of anxiety and improvement of their day-to-day wellbeing. Craniosacral Therapy has a lot to offer patients both in itself and in an interdisciplinary context.

Dr. Maher Keemmoona
M.Dent Ch ( Perio)
MA Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Wicklow Periodontics

Walking into my first session with Brian, I was immediately met with the peaceful environment he creates. The work of Craniosacral Therapy and even more profoundly for me, Somato Emotional Release, gives a recognition to the body of what it carries. The imprint of our life experience in our tissues is becoming more understood and respected by modern science. For me, attending Brian has been an important part of self-care and maintaining balance within the body. It is Brian's great gift of quietness, listening and understanding that allowed me to give my body permission to heal through his work.

Dr. Joie Fay - GP

As part of my health care, I attend Craniosacral Therapy monthly and have done so since 2015. The benefits of the therapy have been life changing. I work as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist and have referred many clients for Craniosacral Therapy, and they too have reaped the health rewards. I consider my referral to Brian Peoples to be a life changing experience.

After six long months of daily/weekly hospital visits, undergoing invasive and noninvasive tests, which gave no insight into the cause or possible cure for my condition,
I was most definitely physically, mentally and emotionally shattered when I first met Brian.

Brian’s gentle care is profound and sincere. His presence is the perfect combination of earthy and spiritual, which encourages an atmosphere of trust. Brian has a unique skill base and he combines perfectly, the practical skills of his work with the wisdom of his spirit. Through the generosity of his time and nature he changed my life by enabling healing.

I cannot tell you exactly what Brian did to me during my initial visit but for the first time in over six months my blood levels changed for the better and have continued to do so ever since. My hospital consultant was astonished with the results and when I told him about my therapy session with Brian he advised me to continue with the work.

Brian maintains a constant listening presence throughout the session. His gentle nature combined with his competence and confidence evokes an environment of courage, acceptance, and allowing which permits true healing to occur on all levels of being.

I continue to visit Brian regularly; my NCT for body mind and spirit. I no longer recognize the woman who walked into Brian’s treatment rooms many years ago and I am confident that through Brian’s great gifts of therapy, wisdom and respect she will remain a distant memory.

Bridget Keane
Counsellor, Psychotherapist, SRN, MSc

Brian Peoples is an exceptionally gifted therapist. Through the discipline of Craniosacral Therapy he provides a truly holistic therapeutic approach that addresses the body, the psyche, and the spirit. The breadth of his skillset is remarkable. He is quiet, kind, and modest. He has great empathy and sensitivity together with a beautifully gentle therapeutic manner and a profound respect for the dignity of his clients.

Before I chanced upon Brian I had tried a few different types of therapy over the years including Western medicine, psychoanalysis, reflexology and amatsu but none of them either alone or in combination could hold a candle to what Brian has been able to help me to achieve in my healing journey. Brian inspired complete confidence in me the first time I met him and I quickly knew his work was in a different league to anything I had experienced before. 

He has taught me to understand the crucial role our symptoms play in pointing to and revealing the deeper truths and repercussions of our life experience. He has helped me to connect with my own inner resources of healing, forgiveness, confidence, and self-belief in order to come into a new, brighter, and more compassionate understanding of my life story, together with the resolution of symptoms including tinnitus. Importantly, Brian always hands the responsibility and the power back to me to take charge of my own deeper healing. He connects me to the teacher and the healer within and this is richly empowering. With Brian’s help I am coming into my wholeness in way that previously was simply unimaginable to me.

Brian wears his brilliance lightly. He is completely grounded and steeped in common sense and he has a great sense of humour which is sometimes the best medicine. Brian brings a very fine intelligence to his work but he also possesses that invaluable gift that cannot be taught or learned, and that is wisdom. Anyone looking for a serious therapist who can shine the light on the path to wholeness through presenting symptoms will find the best in Brian. It is a blessing to be his client.

Aedamar Kirrane - Writer

I broke my back in four places in 1999 and after X-Rays and medical treatment, I made a good recovery. A year later i contracted a virus which attacked the four injured vertebrae and as a result I could barely move or walk. My entire spine and muscle system seized up. The conventional Medical advice was that the condition would remain until the virus ceased to be active. It was recommended to me to see Brian Peoples and his work changed my life. Over a series of sessions my body began to work normally again and I returned to full health. As a Herbalist I am interested in many forms of therapy and I was impressed by the wealth of wisdom within this discipline alongside the non-invasive nature of the treatment. Since having this personal experience of Brian's work I have referred many patients to him, particularly those with stress and stress related conditions, for whom the therapy has been most effective.

Sean Boylan - Renowned Herbalist and Meath Gaelic Football Manager (1982-2005)

Our daughter Jasmin was born in 2012 & in August 2013 she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. She began physical therapy and speech therapy soon afterwards. Jasmin started school and really struggled with being separated from me spending entire school days crying. We then noticed that Jasmin began suffering bouts of sickness and she was losing weight. This is when we were introduced to Craniosacral Therapy and Brian Peoples. Brian put us at ease straight away and Jasmin became completely relaxed and allowed Brian to work with her. After the first treatment Jasmin seemed relaxed and we could see something had changed. We noticed that she was no longer eating her hair which had been a problem for several years. We also noticed that Jasmin was trying to stand and even climb neither of which she had shown any interest in before. After just two weeks we got a phone call from her school to say how well Jasmin was doing. They said it was as if everything had fallen into place for her. Five years later we continue to bring Jasmin to see Brian. She is now the happiest and most confident young lady you could imagine. She is excelling in school and has won awards for achievements in communication and computer skills. Jasmin went from being non-verbal to being able to say 3 word sentences and is now using a communication device to express her needs. We consider Craniosacral Therapy to be a vital part of Jasmin's health care and well being.

Diane McKee Keady, Co. Armagh

Brian Peoples is a very special person. I have known him for fifteen years and have benefited enormously from his treatments. I also have referred many people to him who have equally experienced wonderful results. He has grown and developed his work through diligence and dedication, combining study and practical application. Initially through Amatsu, expanding into Craniosacral Therapy.

As with all involved in excellence, Brian brings his whole self to his work which is an enormous part of his life’s mission.

He is considerate, kind, caring and capable. He is compassionate and is always present to what is being said by the client but also the body.
He connects on many levels.
Providing a safe, secure and confidential environment he invites a sense of ease and trust. He is experienced, practical and supportive. He approaches the total person. Every case is seen through fresh eyes and he works with professional expertise. Brian is wise and modest.

In my own journey he has supported all aspects of my well being. However, he especially has supported my throat chakra. 
Through the Craniosacral Therapy in particular I have opened up further to my own voice, living with my truth and trusting my intuition.

I am and always will be very grateful that our paths in life have crossed.

Eileen Heneghan - Energy Healer and Teacher

It is very hard to put into words what Brian has done for me over the past 5 years but it should be a testament to his work that I continue to travel from London to see him. He is an incredibly skilled, gifted and intuitive practitioner. I've seen many practitioners over the years with many approaches but none have achieved with me what Brian does; he is truly remarkable.

Shannon Murray - Broadcaster and Actress